Membership Policies

All family membership categories include the member and his or her immediate family only (spouse/partner and children under 21).

Members’ children who turn 21 in the Calendar year must join the Club that year and maintain their membership year to year to avoid paying an initiation fee.

Members children who are between the ages of 21-29 who have not joined the Club may do so by paying the annual category-appropriate dues for the year of joining. Members who join between the ages of 22-29 will be subject to initiation fees equal to the accumulated annual dues for the years between the current age and 21.

Membership is non-transferable

The club reserves the right to limit numbers and to reject applications which, in its view, are outside the intended purpose of the membership programs

New Member Initiation Fees

New members to the Club pay the current year’s initiation fee. + HST.

Temporary Suspension of Membership

Members may suspend their membership IN WRITING for up to two seasons. Members who suspend their membership may not use the Club’s facilities, nor may their immediate family. Any usage during this period will result in the full annual dues becoming payable.

Membership may be reactivated by paying one and half times the current annual dues, and the member will be charged a $75/year administration fee.

After two seasons, UNLESS THE CLUB IS NOTIFIED IN WRITING OF THE RESUMPTION OF MEMBERSHIP, membership will be terminated.

Annual Cap on Suspension of Memberships

The Club stipulates that there will be a annual cap on suspended or deferred memberships of 20 in any given year.  All written submissions must be received by no later than May 31st of the year in question and will be reviewed by both the Membership Director and the President of the Club.

Divorced or Separated Members

Both parties of a divorce or separation may maintain their Club membership by each of them paying the annual dues. This option is open up to two years after the divorce / separation occurs.

Lapsed Members

Lapsed members may rejoin the Club by paying all the annual dues since their withdrawal or by paying the initiation fee plus the current annual dues - whichever is less.

Cancellation Of Membership

Cancellation of membership must be done IN WRITING to The Ojibway Club.

Account and Credit Card Requirements

To activate signing privilege, members must:

  • Have a zero balance at the beginning of the season
  • Provide the Club with a valid credit card number

Statements are issued bi-weekly during the season.

Members are required to pay their statement within 14 days of issue.

Disputed charges must be brought to the Club’s attention within 14 days of statement issue.

After 14 days, unpaid and undisputed charges will be charged to the members credit card.

Penalties for Late Payment

Late payment of annual dues – after March 16 - will result in a $50.00 late payment fee being applied to account.

Members who do not pay their annual dues prior to March 16 will not be listed in the annual directory.

Overdue balances will incur 2 ½% per month / 30% per annum interest on the unpaid balance.