Ojibway Club Membership

Membership to The Ojibway Club is open to all. No sponsors are required. Members enjoy a relaxed and convival atmosphere by participating in the Club’s many activities or just by hanging out on the docks.

The Ojibway Club is a non-profit organization and member fees contribute to the preservation and operation of our historic community center.

Every year, the Club opens the last weekend of June and closes on the Sunday of Labour Day weekend.

Membership Benefits

Membership gives access to the following activities and programs (additional fees may apply):

  • Participation in a vibrant summer community and its activities: book club, bridge, exercise classes, fishing derbies, guided shoal picnics to name a few
  • Weekly Ojibway Email Newsletters to keep you up-to-date on Club happenings
  • The Ojibway Camp for children 4 – 14
  • 5 tennis courts
  • Tuesday and Thursday night dinners, Family Dinners and other special events
  • Signing privileges (a charge account)
  • Personal mail collection at the Gift Shop
  • Internet and WiFi in certain areas
  • Listing as a member in the Annual Yearbook
  • Off season mailings

2022 Membership Programs

  1. New Member Program

    • This is available to any single or family who has not been an Ojibway member in the past
    • Each new member (single or family) joining before August 1, 2022 will be charged an initiation fee of $5,000, after August 1, 2022 the fee increases to $5,500
    • The initiation fee does not include any add-on charges for camp, tennis, grocery store etc.; these will be billed independently of the Annual Dues

    2022 New Membership Application Form

  2. Trial Membership Program

    • This is available to anyone who has never been a member of the Ojibway Club and who wants to explore Ojibway Membership
    • Payment will be structured as follows:
      • * 150% of Annual Dues
      • Non-members are entitled to a one-time only Trial Membership
      • Should they chose to join the Ojibway Club after a Trial Membership, incoming members will be required to pay initiation fees commencing in the first year of full membership and the 50% Annual Dues surcharge will be credited against the initiation fees

    2022 Trial Membership Form

Important Links


Tennis - in addition to membership

2022 Summer Billing Cycle 

June 22 - July 10 July 13 July 27
July 11 - Aug. 7 Aug. 10 Aug. 24
Aug. 8 - Sept. 4 Sept. 14 Sept. 28

Any questions, please contact our Island Office at: 705-366-5085;

email: office@ojibwayclub.com or call Sherri Kingsmill, Admindesk: 705-796-3437

 For further information on Membership, please contact our General Manager, Mark Gienow at  gm@ojibwayclub.com or call 905-321-6415.

Member Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct was developed to ensure a warm, welcoming and family-friendly environment for our members, guests and employees.


Members, guests and employees are expected to conduct themselves in a way that is consistent with the values of The Ojibway Club. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests.

Members, their guests and employees should be treated with courtesy, dignity and respect. They should be free to enjoy the club in an atmosphere free from abuse, bullying, or any forms of harassment or intimidation.

Members shall not reprimand or personally direct an employee.

Any concerns about employee behaviour should be directed to the General Manager.  Any concerns about member behaviour should be directed to the General Manager or a member of The Board of Directors.

Violations to this Code of Conduct will be treated seriously and may result in disciplinary action, including loss of Club privileges, suspension or expulsion.

Payment of Fees

Membership fees are due and payable by March 11, 2022. If fees remain unpaid after this date, a $50.00 late charge will be added to account and member will not be listed in the directory.

In an effort to reduce the Club's significant banking charges related to credit card fees, we kindly ask that members make every effort to pay their dues by any of the following preferred methods.

E-transfer - from Canadian bank accounts only.  Please send an e-transfer to payables.ojibway@gmail.com and create the password of "Ojibway".  Include your member number in the memo section.

Cheque - mail to The Ojibway Club, c/o Admindesk, 411 Huronia Rd, Unit 5, Barrie, ON, L4N 9B3

Paypal - the Paypal button can be found below.